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Low Maintenance Perennials

Well-documented research shows that green space has many positive effects on the health and well-being of people. However, according to the Dutch Ministry of Land Use, in densely populated cities in The Netherlands the amount of urban amenity plantings are well below the recommended level of 800 sq.ft. (74 sq. m) per home. If increasing the quantity of plantings is impossible, effectiveness and quality can be increased by creating more biodiversity in green areas.

Herbaceous perennials are an excellent group of plants with which to achieve more variety and color on small sites. They are eminently suitable for use as ground covers, in flower beds, under trees, along roads and waterways and as edging around shrubs. Using perennials is also an effective way to add color and interest to existing urban/public plantings.

Low maintenance perennials are affordable - While it is true that, comparatively, herbaceous perennials can be quite expensive to buy and that preparation of planting sites takes time and money, by using low maintenance species, the reduced maintenance costs compensate for the initial expenditures. Over a 10-year period, a perennial bed does not have to cost any more to maintain than a shrub border or lawn. To achieve this, the right plants have to be chosen; they should be healthy, sturdy and suppress weeds with their excellent ground covering abilities.

Essential conditions for low maintenance perennial plantings
• Improve the soil on the site and thoroughly remove all weeds before planting.
• Choose plants with requirements that match the site conditions, especially for light and moisture.
• Choose the right plants for the desired use (good ground covers for weed suppression, salt tolerant plants for roadsides, etc.)
• No one plant will be suitable for planting in every situation.
• Consider the plant knowledge level of the maintenance crews and be prepared to provide concise maintenance instructions.
• Plant the right number of plants per sq. ft./m for fast coverage.
• Weed and water when necessary and replace dead plants until the ground is covered (usually at the end of the first summer after planting).

Some suitable species for urban plantings:
Alchemilla, Aster, Echinacea, Geranium, Hemerocallis, Liriope, Nepeta, ornamental grasses, Pachysandra, Rudbeckia and Sedum.

  • Alchemilla mollis (30)ct Flat Alchemilla mollis 30ct Flat

    Alchemilla mollis (30)ct Flat

    Alchemilla mollis (30)ct Flat Common Name: Lady's Mantle Foliage is a soft grey-green and nearly round with deep lobes. Soft, velvety leaves are up to 6-inches across with serrated edges, giving a scalloped look. From late spring to early summer,...

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  • Aquilegia KIRIGAMI Mix 30ct Flat

    Aquilegia KIRIGAMI Mix (30)ct Flat

    Aquilegia caerulea KIRIGAMI™ Mix (30)ct FlatKIRIGAMI™ SeriesCommon Name: Columbine A big hit during the 2018 California Spring Trials. We have tested this series and can confirm that they are first year flowering, upright stems, and...

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  • Aquilegia x'Earlybird Mix' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Mix' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Mix' (10)ct Quarts Common Name: Columbine This mixture, from the Earlybird™ series, was bred for vibrant colors, neatly mounded habit and unusual color combinations. Single colors and may include doubles like purple white,...

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  • Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts Common Name: ColumbineLarge, beautiful flowers have deep red spurred petals that encircle a layer of yellow inner petals.These showy flowers are surrounded by delicate, fern-like green foliage. Hardiness...

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  • Aster 'Grape Crush' PP33612 (25) BR Plants Aster Grape Crush PPAF 25 BR Plants

    Aster 'Grape Crush' PP33612 (25) BR Plants

    Aster novae-angliae 'Grape Crush' PP33612 (25) Bare Root PlantsCommon Name: New England Aster Bringing refinement to fall blooming Asters, 'Grape Crush' produces a large, very round mound with densely packed flowers. We have observed no lodging in our...

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  • Aster novae-angliae Purple Dome Aster novae-angliae Purple Dome

    Aster novae-angliae 'Purple Dome' (4) 1-gallons

    Aster novae-angliae 'Purple Dome' (4) 1-gallons Common name: New England aster, Michaelmas Daisies. Zones 3 to 8. Full sun. Plants reach 18 to 24 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide; compact dwarf, rounded mounds. Growth rate: Moderate, easy to...

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  • Carex appalachica 3.5 inch pot Carex appalachica  (3.5 inch pot)

    Carex appalachica (3.5 inch pot)

    Carex appalachica (3.5-inch pot)Common name: Sedge - Appalachica Sedge Height: 6-8 Inches Spread: 12-18 Inches Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8 Shade to Part Shade Evergreen in warm climates Native to Eastern U.S. Clumping habit -spreads slowly A good shade lawn...

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