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Convallaria (kon-val-lay-ree-uh); Lily-of-the-Valley; Lily Family (Liliaceae). Native to Europe, Asia and mountain regions of the U.S., lily-of-the –valley fully deserves its reputation as one of the most adaptable ground covers and charming garden plants. To be most effective, it should be grown in very large masses, and since it needs shade, it is at its best when used as a ground cover under trees whose roots will not give it serious competition. For abundant flowering, plant in rich, moist well-drained soil; after several seasons plants should be dug, divided and replanted.

C. majalis (maj-ay-liss) grows 6 to 8 inches high with deliciously fragrant, cream-white flowers, 1/3 inches across, pendant along thin, wiry stems. The long-lasting, broadly oblong, dark green leaves make a solid ground cover.

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