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Hybrid Spring Phlox

Looking for a spring groundcover that can withstand the dryness of a rock garden? These hybrids are drought tolerant and grow easily on slopes. With bright, vibrant colors, these will certainly be the belles of the garden in springtime! 

Hybrid Spring Phlox behaves differently than the standard Phlox subulata. Unlike the standard Creeping Phlox, the members of this series do not spread aggressively, rather, they form a low, mounding habit of star-shaped flowers. These varieties also blooms a week or so later than Phlox subulata, great for extending the spring color of your garden. As an added bonus-although it prefers full sun, this Phlox will tolerate very light shade.

  • Phlox 'Bedazzled Pink'
Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

    Phlox 'Bedazzled Pink' PPAF (25) BR Plants

    Phlox 'Bedazzled Pink' PPAF (25) Bare Root Plants Bedazzled SeriesCommon Name: Hybrid Spring Phlox Bright, medium pink flowers with a small, dark purple star-shaped eye.It's easy to see how this series got its name when they explode into bloom come mid...

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