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Pruning Clematis

Not all Clematis are the same!

Clematis Pruning: A Guide for Every Bloom Time

Clematis vines are a beautiful addition to any garden, but their pruning needs can vary depending on the variety. Here is a breakdown to ensure yours flower magnificently:

Clematis Bloom Time Groups:

  • Group 1: Early Spring Stars
    • These clematis flower in spring on old growth from the previous season.
    • Pruning is generally unnecessary. However, for size control, prune lightly within a month after flowering.
    • For overgrown plants, a drastic cutback to 1-2 feet in late winter/early spring is possible but expect reduced flowers for a season or two.
  • Group 2: Early to Mid-Season Bloomers & Repeat Bloomers
    • These varieties flower in early summer, with the first flush on previous year's growth. A second flush appears later on new growth.
    • Prune in late winter/early spring. Remove dead or weak shoots. Cut remaining stems back to 6-9 inches above healthy buds.
  • Group 3: Late Summer Bloomers
    • These clematis flower on new growth in midsummer and again in early fall. The second flush may have smaller flowers.
    • Pruning in late winter/early spring is recommended to avoid a bare stem with overgrown top. Cut all shoots back to the base of the previous year's growth. This eliminates spring flowers but keeps late summer blooms.
    • Alternatively, prune in stages over 3 years: annually cut back one-third of the stems to 6-9 inches above healthy buds.

Small-flowered Clematis:

  • Regular pruning is not necessary. Prune only for size control.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your clematis thriving and bursting with blooms throughout the season!

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