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Bergenia (ber-jee-nee-uh) Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae); Asiatic perennials with bold ornamental foliage in large low clumps, from which rise thick stems with loose clusters of May flowers.

Bergenia thrives in almost any amount of sunlight, but partial shade is ideal. In northern regions, it will grow in full sun, but it needs afternoon shade in the south. In either region, plants will always perform best in rich, moisture-retentive soil. However, it dislikes heavy soils and standing water. Propagate by division in early spring or by seed. Divisions should be replanted fairly deep into the soil.

B. cordifolia (kor-dif-foh-lee-uh) dark pink flowers, in graceful sprays, rise 15 to 18 inches above the thick clustered leaves. "Pig Squeak", from the sound the leaf makes when rubbed between two fingers.

Bergenia can be used in a variety of ways in the landscape. It is most impressive when used as a durable, evergreen groundcover, but it can also be used in containers and rock gardens. It is quite effective at softening the hard edges of pavement and also works well as an edging or filler plant in flower borders.

Attributes: Border plants, Container, Cut flower or foliage, Edging, Evergreen, Ground cover, Salt Tolerant, Easy to grow. Attracts butterflies .

  • Bergenia 'Fairytale Romance' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Bergenia 'Fairytale Romance' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Bergenia 'Fairytale Romance' PPAF (20)ct Flat Common Name: Heartleaf Bergenia, PigsqueakThis charmed perennial will be among the first perennials to bloom in spring. Clusters of apple blossom pink flowers emerge with glossy evergreen foliage for a...

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  • Bergenia 'Miss Piggy' PP32132 (20)ct Flat

    Bergenia 'Miss Piggy' PP32132 (20)ct Flat

    Bergenia 'Miss Piggy' PP32132 CPBRAF - Proven Winners (20)ct Flat Common Name: Heartleaf Bergenia, PigsqueakBergenia earned the common name Pigsqueak due to the squeaky sounds the leaves make as they are rubbed together. This new genus for the Proven...

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  • Bergenia 'Ripple Effect' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Bergenia 'Ripple Effect' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Bergenia 'Ripple Effect' PPAF (20)ct Flat Common Name: PigsqueakUnique even among Bergenia, 'Ripple Effect' is set to stand out in the landscape with a robust habit of massive 13" wide leaves. The glossy green leaves are circular with a serrated, wavy...

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