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Stachys (stay-kiss), Betonica, Betony; Lamiaceae Family. Stachys are a large genus of widely scattered annuals and perennials, found in temperate zones. This genus contains many members with foliage and plant habits completely different from the common gray-leafed (and somewhat invasive) Lamb's Ears. Grayish leaves and colorful flowers in spikes. Easily grown in full sun and ordinary garden soil.

Stachys grows best in full sun but will also tolerate partial shade. Good drainage is essential for this plant. Plants may be clipped back hard immediately after blooming, to tidy up the clumps for the rest of the season. Divide every 3 to 4 years in spring, or more frequently if plants become woody in the center.

Attributes: Border plants, Container, Drought Tolerant, Mass Planting, Salt Tolerant, Easy to grow, Deer and Rabbit resistant

  • Stachys byzantine Silky Fleece 10ct Flat

    Stachys byzantine 'Silky Fleece' (10)ct Flat

    Stachys byzantine 'Silky Fleece' (10)ct Flat Very compact, soft, silvery-green foliage with lavender blooms in summer. Hardy from zone 5-8. Ten (10) plants in 4.5 inch containers per flat (or tray). Click here for more ordering and shipping information

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  • Stachys monieri Hummelo 20ct Flat

    Stachys monieri 'Hummelo' (30)ct Flat

    Stachys monieri 'Hummelo' Common name: Alpine Betony, Wood Betony. Zone 4 to 8. Full sun to part shade. Plants reach 18 to 20 inches tall and 18 inches wide, clump-forming perennial. Growth rate: Moderate. Unlike its cousin Stachys byzantina (Lamb's...

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