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Primula (prim-yew-luh) primrose, Primulaceae Family. Large and very varied genus of beautiful spring blooming perennials from Europe and Asia, found in cool or alpine regions. Primroses combine well with daffodils and tulips, are a mainstay of the spring rock garden, especially when planted on mass.

Primula grows best in moist, rich, organic, well-drained soils in part shade. It will tolerate full sun in cool climates, with constant moisture and summer mulch; at minimum, in part shade is needed in warmer summer climates. A perfect selection for boggy areas, where their shallow roots will not dry out. Plants will go dormant in hot, dry summer weather unless they are kept well-watered.

Though they are fully hardy in the North, primroses need protective insulation such as snow cover in the late winter months so they are not lost to late hard freezes.

Attributes: Bog plant, Border plants, Container, Cut flower, Mass Planting.

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