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Dryopteris (drye-opp-ter-iss) Wood Fern, Shield Fern. Common-fern Family (Polypodiaceae). An enormous genus of ferns are hardy and native to woodlands of the U.S. and elsewhere. They are among the easiest ferns to grow, as well as being the most beautiful of our larger ferns. The delicate, much-divided fronds rise gracefully from creeping rootstock and form attractive clumps or symmetrical groups.

  • Dryopteris ludoviciana

    Dryopteris ludoviciana (3.5 inch pot)

    Dryopteris ludoviciana - Southern Shield Fern aka Aspidium ludovicianum, D. floridana, Nephrodium floridanum, Florida Shield Fern, Southern Wood Fern Zone: 6a to 9b Height: 2-4 ft Width: 1-2 ft Evergreen For part-shade to shade. Semi-evergreen fronds...

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