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Mentha (menth-uh) mint; Lamiaceae Family. Mentha is a fairly large, useful genus of perennials easily grown, hardy and so persistent as to need to be contained in the garden. The various species all have square stems, along which grow opposite, fragrant, crinkly leaves. Tiny, inconspicuous pink, purple or white florets occur along the stems or in terminal clusters all summer. They are easy to grow in small herb gardens, and the leaves or end shoots will add fresh picked flavor to food and drink.

Mentha requienii (ree-kwee-en-ee-eye). Small peppermint scented, creeping herb, with tiny leaves and very small purple flowers encircling the stems. Mentha requienii is useful in the rock garden or as a ground cover. Mentha requienii can be kept under control; it does needs plenty of water and a little light protection in winter.

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