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Daylilies are long-lived, easy to grow and can tolerate almost any condition.
Daylilies are grown for their rainbow of colors, and many shapes and sizes. A daylily garden may bloom from late spring until autumn. Once established clump produces many buds and daily blooms for a month or more. Reblooming varieties will have more than one flowering cycle.

  • When choosing daylilies, light-colored flowers show up better at a distance than darker ones.
  • Dark-colored varieties standout when planted against a light backdrop.
  • Besides serving as specimen plants, daylilies are used for color in shrub borders and in perennial beds.
  • They are excellent ground covers on slopes and a recommended material for erosion control.
  • Use daylilies for blending structures with the terrain, to fill voids or to supply contrast and seasonal color.
  • Daylilies have a naturalizing effect to blend fences, decks, steps, statues, driveways or shrubbery with the surrounding landscape.
  • If planting smaller cultivars in containers, choose reblooming varieties.