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Anthemis (anth-em-iss), Chamomile; Composite Family, some of this large Eurasian genus are sturdy and showy perennials. Daisy like blossoms should be planted in full sun and ordinary soil.

Anthemis actually prefers poor soil; it may become tall and leggy if grown in rich soil. Plant it in a well-drained spot in full sun. Drought tolerant once established. In light shade, plants tend to become floppy and open up in the center. When the bloom time ends, cut them back by at least half to encourage new growth. Plant crown just at the soil line.

  • Anethemis t. 'Charme'

    Anthemis t. 'Charme' PP15200 (30)ct Flat

    Anthemis t. 'Charme' PP15200 Golden Marguerite-Dwarf Height: 12-16 Inches, Spread: 20-24 InchesFlower Color: Yellow Shades, Foliage Color: Green shadesHardiness Zone: 3 - 9Full sun Blooms Early summer - Late summer Charming, 1 inch wide, bright yellow...

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