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Green Roof Plants

Green Roof

Green roofs are not necessarily roof gardens; many are not designed to take foot traffic. Green roofs are tools for dealing with stormwater runoff and reducing urban heat islands. Other industry claims include their ability to reduce energy use by insulating buildings from extreme temperatures.

Major benefits include:

  • storm water retention,
  • provides insulation,
  • provides cooling and reduces urban heat,
  • cleans the air,
  • saves energy,
  • sound absorption,
  • food production,
  • can provide a habitat and stopping off place for birds and insects.

We are not green roofs experts, we just grow the plants. Green roof’s plants attributes should be low maintenance, normally require minimal irrigation, have quick growth and ease of replacement. Groundcover plants could cover large areas, thrive on green roofs whilst limiting the spread and germination of weeds.

Sedum groundcover cultivars are herbaceous and deciduous plants with beautiful colors. They can grow in any soil type and tolerate a few hours of shade.

Sempervivum are succulent perennial plants with about 40 species, commonly known as “houseleek” or “hens and chicks”. Plants can live a long time and do not require special care. Sempervivum grows well in cold areas with full sun exposition.

Carex or sedge varieties can grow in various soils, climates, and conditions. Selecting the correct varieties provides stand outs without much maintenance.

Delosperma cooperi is a perennial groundcover with a range of inflorescence flower colors. It is a full-sun plant, that can tolerate a few hours of shade.

Thymus is a small evergreen groundcover with gray-green, aromatic leaves and pink-purple flowers in early summer.

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