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Aralia (ar-ray-lee-uh); Aralia Family (Araliaceae) a genus of ornamental herbs, shrubs and trees of North America, Asia and Australia. The woody species make imposing, if somewhat coarse-textured plants for the large shrub border or for use as bold lawn specimens. The perennials are useful in the wild garden, in rich soil.

  • Aralia c Sun King 20ct Flat Aralia c Sun King 20ct Flat

    Aralia c. 'Sun King' (20)ct Flat

    Aralia cordata 'Sun King ' Common Name: Golden Japanese Spikenard. 2020 Perennial Plant of the Year 'Sun King ' emerges mid-spring with bright gold leaves on contrasting reddish brown stems. With at least a few hours of sun a day, the foliage will...

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