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Container Sizes

We frequently get questions about the different container sizes available on our website. On every product page, the detail about the plant you are considering includes specific information about “container” size, unless it is shipped bare root.

Plants are shipped in 2.5-inch to 1-gallon individual pots with minimum quantities, 3.5-inch pots in (18) count trays, 4-inch and 1-quart pots in (10) count trays or in (20) or (30) count plug trays. (72) count and (128) count trays may be available upon request.


Early spring plants may be shipped in a dormant state and plant size may differ based upon the time of year and pruning. Larger plants are sometimes trimmed before being packed for shipping, which allows larger plants to fit without breakage and conserve energy during transportation and transplanting.


We guarantee your plants will arrive alive, healthy and in good condition. Whether shipped in an active growing state, or during dormancy, successful delivery is essential to customer satisfaction. Boxed plants are carefully packed and rooted well enough to minimize movement of the plants during shipping (optimistically) regardless of how many times UPS or FedEx flips the box.