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Hosta (hoss-tah) are hardy from zone 3 to 8.

Tolerant of most conditions, hostas grow best in moist, well-drained, highly organic soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. Sandy loam is better than clay as it provides more root aeration. High-filtered or dappled sunlight is necessary for clean, healthy growth. Morning sun is tolerable and will help to intensify leaf colors, but hot afternoon sun is often deadly to hostas. They are most at home in shady, woodland settings and often work well as specimen or edging plants.

Mature Clump Heights: Mini (less than 6 inches); Very Small (6 to 10 inches); Small (10 to 15 inches); Medium (15 to 22 inches); Large (greater than 22 inches). These sizes are approximate and will vary with soil conditions, climate and other environmental factors.


  • Hosta 'Sister Act'
Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

    Hosta 'Sister Act' PPAF (25) BR Plants

    Hosta 'Sister Act' PPAF (25) BR Plants Common Name: HostaThis sport of 'Step Sister' has the same habit and performance as the parent but with very wide green margins. Good vigor and garden performance. Near white flowers in early to midsummer. Height:...

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  • Hosta 'Royal Crest'
Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

    Hosta 'Royal Crest' PPAF (25) BR Plants

    Hosta 'Royal Crest' PPAF (25) bare root clumps Common Name: HostaThis next generation hybrid of 'Royal Standard' will blow the old garden staple out of the water and is the perfect addition to your fragrant Hosta collection. A more polished plant than...

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  • Hosta Wu-La-La 
Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

    Hosta Wu-La-La PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Hosta Wu-La-La PPAF (20)ct Flat SHADOWLAND® CollectionThis sport of 'Empress Wu' takes the size and presence of the massively popular hosta and takes it to the next level with an attractive margin. Blue-green leaves have striking apple-green margins,...

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  • Hosta 'Wrinkle in Time' PP29456
Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

    Hosta WRINKLE IN TIME PP29456 (25) BR Plants

    Hosta 'Wrinkle in Time' PP29456 (25) Bare Root Plants This sport of the classic variety ‘Pilgrim’ shows a little more character with showy, wavy margins. Leaves have a single prominent wave that begins one third of the way from the leaf base...

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    Hosta ROYAL WEDDING PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Hosta ROYAL WEDDING PPAF (20)ct Flat Wide-margined sport of 'Diana Remembered' Forms an upright mound of thick, shiny green leaves with very wide, cream to pure white margins Large 3-4 inches, sweetly fragrant, pure white flowers in mid to late summer...

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    Hosta PRAYING HANDS (25) BR Plants

    PRAYING HANDS Hosta (Williams 1996) Small. Dark green with heavily rippled, narrow, twisted, shiny, leaves with thin gold margin. Mature size - 14 inches wide by 16 inches height,very upright, vertical habit with moderate growth rate. Pale lavender...

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    Hosta GRAND TIARA (25) BR Plants

    GRAND TIARA Hosta (Pollock 1991) Medium. Dark green center with wide chartreuse to white margins. Mature size: 24 inches width by 14 inch height, good growth rate. Purple striped flowers. Sport of GOLDEN TIARA. Broadly ovate, chartreuse leaves with...

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    Hosta WOLVERINE(25) BR Plants

    WOLVERINE Hosta (25) BR Plants Medium to Large. Leaves are slightly blue, moderately wavy and ovate, with yellow gold margin and good substance. Mature size - 38 inches wide x 38 inches height with compact habit. Pale lavender flowers. Shiny blue...

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  • Hosta 'Royal Standard'
Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

    Hosta 'Royal Standard' (25) BR Plants

    ROYAL STANDARD Hosta (AHS 1986) (25) bare root clumps Large mounds of wavy, green, glossy, pointed leaves demonstrate both sun and drought tolerance Fragrant, white flowers appear on 35' to 40' scapes in late summer; fragrance is most pronounced in the...

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    Hosta GOLDEN TIARA (25) BR Plants

    GOLDEN TIARA Hosta (Savory 1977) (25) bare root clumps Small. Heart-shaped green leaves with wide chartreuse and white margins. Mature size - 12 inches wide x 5 inch height. Purple flowers. Fills out quickly, plus yellow margin turn chartreuse in...

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    Hosta GOLD STANDARD (25) BR Plants

    GOLD STANDARD Hosta (Banyai 1976) (25) bare root clumps Large. Broad leaves, creamy yellow with variable dark green margin. Mature size - 36 inches wide x 20 inch height. Pinkish, lavender flower. Margin develops with the season. Gold Standard needs...

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