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Hypericum calycinum Saint John’s Wort


The genus Hypericum has been used medicinally since the 1st Century AD. In the Middle Ages, some species were made into potent potions to ward off evil spirits.

We don’t claim healing benefits or magical powers for St. John’s wort. But it does flower for quite a spell, and no evil spirits have been detected in our greenhouses.

We’re bewitched by this semi-evergreen, semi-shrubby perennial for more obvious reasons. It’s a marvelous, low-maintenance ground cover, slathered with yellow rose-like blooms in summer. And it flourishes in a wide range of light conditions, from full sun to the dim light under trees. Its leaves are rich green in sun, paler in shade. It stands 12 to 18 inches tall, and is hardy in Zones 5 to 9.

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It's National Public Gardens Week!

National Public Gardens Week is a celebration of our nation's public gardens. The goal is to expose more people to public gardens and show the importance of building vibrant, relevant gardens committed to community enrichment and environmental responsibility.We believe these public gardens are vital, especially when times are tough. Some gardens are open and celebrating [...]

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Modern Takes on a Garden ClassicNo perennial garden can call itself complete without a complement of Dianthus. And neither can your perennial offering.These charmers are especially indispensable to the quintessential English cottage garden look. But they’re equally at home wherever they get what they need: Full sun, well-drained fertile soil, and adequate moisture.Dianthusis a cosmopolitan genus [...]

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Grow a waterfall! with Hakonechloa macra

Japanese forest grass is a favorite world-wide. Its unique cascading form and bamboo-like foliage are a welcome, inspired addition to any garden.But this beauty has a few specific traits to keep in mind for successful finishing and optimum landscape results.■ It’s worth waiting for: Your “hak mac” isn’t filling out as quickly as your other [...]

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4 Steps to Prepare Heuchera for Spring

If you've got a prized pot or patch of coral bells you might be wondering how to prepare them for the spring and summer ahead. We've listed four simple steps you can take to clean up your heuchera (and Heucherellas) to look its best!Identify all growing pointsIf you have mature heuchera, you'll likely have several stalks in one area. Be [...]

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Everybody’s Favorite Shady Sedge: Carex pensylvanica

Go native the low-maintenance way with Carex pensylvanica This is the go-to native for attractive, low-maintenance cover in low-light situations. “Pennsylvania sedge” has rich green foliage. Slender, hair-like blades take on a graceful flowing appearance for a great lawn substitute in dry shade. It’s a spreader, but isn’t that part of the definition of an effective [...]

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Gardening has not been cancelled

We are using all health precautions and open for business.We wish you all well during this challenging time. 

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A familiar native

Stokesia laevis, “Stokes’ aster” is native to eastern North America. So why do both its Latin and common names honor an English plantsman, Jonathan Stokes?Simple: In Colonial times, European explorers eagerly plundered the botanical riches of North America, hauling new species back across the ocean wholesale for study and classification. Stokesia is just one of many indigenous American [...]

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Cute Critters

So cute, they’re downright AWWW!-SOME. Compact Pennisetum so cute you’ll say “Awww!”Hardy in USDA Zones 6 (5 with protection) through 9.P. alopecuroides. ‘Little Bunny’Yep, it’s little all right. This foot-high fountain grass is a miniature offspring of the world famous P. ‘Hameln’. Neat cascading mounds of narrow blades rise just a foot tall, loaded with small bottlebrush flowers. [...]

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Plumb Gorgeous Groundcover, Coyote-Ugly Names

Ceratostigma plumbaginoidesWhy does this wonderful groundcover not get the respect it deserves? Perhaps its common names hold it back. As flower names go, “leadwort” and “plumbago” are hardly mellifluous monikers. They sound like medical conditions, possibly requiring surgery. Daphne or Violet, you might lovingly bestow upon your daughter. These? No. Even Prunella is prettier. [...]

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