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Euonymus (yew-on-im-us) Spindale tree, Celastraceae Family. A large group of low-growing woody trees, shrubs and vines, some deciduous, some evergreen. Spreads by creeping stems which root where they touch the ground.

E. fortunei (for-tew-nee-eye); Wintercreeper. In cold areas fortunei is considered the hardiest of evergreen vines for use as climbers or as ground covers and will succeed in shady areas where grass will not grow. It can be sheared in early spring to maintain its compact growth pattern. Among the most useful varieties are coloratus (kol-or-ray-tus), the purpleleaf wintercreeper, an excellent ground cover whose leaves have a purple cast in winter. ‘Kewensis’ has small dark green foliage and is an excellent ground cover.

Euonymus tolerates poor soils, but prefers to grow in medium moisture, well-drained soil. In sun or shade, Euonymus will perform in most any soil condition, except for wet ones.

Sunny or shady area, Euonymus quickly forms a dense, weed-smothering ground cover or edger along paths or sidewalks, in containers, as a foundation planting or as an ivy-like climbing vine for covering walls, chimneys or fences. An excellent erosion control for slopes, Euonymus is one of the most popular evergreen ground covers. Perfect for large area coverage, hillsides and areas not easily accessed, as no shearing or other maintenance is required.