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veronica.jpgVeronica (ver-ron-ik-uh) Speedwell, Plantaginaceae Family. A large and varied genus of hardy annuals and perennials found in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. Veronica are handsome perennials suitable for borders, rock gardens or as ground covers, depending on their habit and size, which varies from 3 inches to 2 ½ feet tall. They are all characterized by attractive foliage and abundant (mostly blue) flowers, usually on showy spikes. They are easily grown in any good garden soil and blend well with other garden flowers in the garden. Veronica does best in sun but will tolerate partial shade.

Easy and undemanding, some Veronicas are mats of saucer-shaped flowers, some have star or erect tight flower spikes. Many veronicas have blue flowers; and range from purple, violet blue, rosy pink, to white. Deadheading extends bloom season. Tolerant of a wide range of medium wet, well-drained soil types, plants perform best when grown in average, not rich, soil and full sun. Amending very heavy and light soils types with organic matter will result in improved performance, as will as a light mulch and regular water during summer. With too much shade, plants will need staking

Excellent as a border plant, ground cover, in mass plantings or along borders, in containers, for cut flowers and its salt tolerant. Attracts butterflies and Deer resistant.

PLANTING: Set 15 to 18 inches apart. Choose a location in full sun or light shade, where the soil is moderately fertile and well-drained.

MAINTENANCE: Removing spent flower heads will prolong blooming period. Apply a balanced fertilizer in the spring, as growth commences. Plants may need dividing every 3 or 4 years, for renewal; do this in the spring or fall.