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Isotoma (eye-sot-oh-muh) fluviatilis ‘Blue Star Creeper'

Common Name(s): Laurentia, previously known as: Laurentia fluviatilis, Lobelia fluviatilis, Rapuntium fluviatilis.
Blue star creeper grows well in sun, part sun, or part shade, depending on the region. A low-maintenance, spreading, evergreen groundcover forms a flat carpet of tiny green leaves covered with small, long-blooming, light blue flowers.

Prefers partial shade, occasionally wet soil and tolerates foot traffic.
Planting between paving stones, in the rock garden or use as a lawn substitute. Spreads by runners but can be contained with deep landscaping edging material.

  • Isotoma Laurentia fluviatilis 3.5 inch pot

    Laurentia fluviatilis (3.5 inch pot)

    Isotoma fluviatilis 'Blue Star Creeper'Common Name: Laurentia, Swamp Isotome. Zone (5) 6 to 10. Full sun, with some afternoon shade in southern zones.1 to 2 inches high groundcover. Small, light blue, star-shaped flowers bloom from late spring to early...

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