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Colocasia (kol-oh-kay-see-uh); Elephant’s Ear; Arum Family (Araceae). Tuberous-rooted tender perennial from Asia. Thick, smooth green leaf stalks grow directly from the tuber. The leaf blade, held at an angle at the top of the stalk, is very large, heavy textured and narrow- or spear-shaped, with prominent veins. The pale yellow flowers, consisting of a calla-like spathe surrounding the inconspicuous cluster of true flowers, are usually hidden among the leaves on stalks that are shorter than those of the leaves.

  • Colocasia Black Swan PPAF 20ct Flat

    Colocasia 'Black Swan' PP30318 (20)ct Flat

    Colocasia 'Black Swan' PP30318 (20)ct FlatCommon Name: Elephant Ear Do you love the gigantic leaves of 'Thailand Giant' but wish it came in a different color? Your wish has been granted with the huge, elegant leaves of 'Black Swan'! Although it's not...

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  • Colocasia Distant Memory PPAF 20ct Flat

    Colocasia 'Distant Memory' PP30292 (20)ct Flat

    Colocasia 'Distant Memory' PP30292 (20)ct FlatCommon Name: Elephant Ear This tropical plant forms huge, dark glossy mahogany leaves. Compared to 'Black Swan', this variety is shorter and has a fuller habit. While growing this plant, you'll appreciate its...

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  • Colocasia g Thailand Giant 20ct Flat
Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

    Colocasia g. 'Thailand Giant' (20)ct Flat

    Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant' (20)ct FlatCommon Name: Giant Elephant Ear To say that this plant will dwarf any plant you already own would be putting it mildly! ‘Thailand Giant’ is much larger than C. gigantea. Its glaucous green leaves...

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