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Asarum (ass-uh-rum), Wild Ginger, Birthwort Family (Aristolochiaceae). Low, woodland perennials with large, heart shaped leaves on sturdy stems that arch loosely above odd, small, purplish-brown flowers. These flowers lie close to the ground, almost concealed by the dense foliage. In full shade and rich, moist soil, Asarum is an easy, fast-growing, very attractive woodland ground cover.

  • Asarum splendens 30ct Flat Asarum splendens 30ct Flat

    Asarum splendens (30)ct Flat

    Asarum splendens (30)ct Flat Common Name: Chinese Wild Ginger; Large, elongated heart-shaped, dark green leaves are spotted with shimmering silver pigment. Semi-evergreen through mild winters, splendens sets new leaves each spring, covering previous...

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