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rudbeckia-fulgida-goldsturm-.jpgRudeckia (rud-bek-ee-uh) coneflower, black-eye susan, brown-eye susan; Asteraceae Family. Annual, biennial and perennial plants, Rudeckia are native to North America. Though coarse in habit, they are sturdy and especially useful for their August and September bloom. Good in the border, the wild garden or the cutting garden. All the species have raised, cone-like, dark centers, and some have two colored petals. 

Rudbeckias are easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils. For the most blooms, plants prefer full sun and consistent moisture, though established plants have some drought tolerance. Remove spent flowers to encourage additional bloom. Rudbeckias are very easy to divide in the spring.

Attributes: Border plants, Container, Cut flower, Mass Planting, Easy to grow. Attracts butterflies and songbirds.