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eryngium-p.-jade-frost-pp17370-flat.jpgEryngium (ee-rin-jee-um) Sea Holly, Apiaceae Family. Eryngiums are handsome and imposing in the border or the rock garden. They have globe-shaped flower heads, usually blue. Eryngium are decorative either fresh or dried, and seed pods can be used for winter arrangements. Developed for the cut flower industry, Eryngium makes an excellent addition to the home garden.

The plants need full sun and sandy garden soil, well-drained with plenty of moisture. Tolerant of poor soils, if Eryngium is placed in very rich soil or less than full sun, tall plants may sprawl. This is a taprooted plant that transplants poorly and is best left undisturbed once established.

  • Eryngium p Blue Glitter 30ct Flat Eryngium p Blue Glitter 30ct Flat

    Eryngium p. 'Blue Glitter' (30)ct Flat

    Eryngium p. 'Blue Glitter' (30)ct FlatBarrenwort, Longspur Epimedium, ‘Lilac Fairy’. Looking for a perennial that will grow in that hot, sun-baked spot in your landscape? Sea Holly is just the plant! It thrives in that type of climate, and...

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