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Yucca (yukk-uh), Adam's needle; Asparagaceae Family. Evergreen, bold, architectural plants, all Yucca are native of the America continents. Foliage is sword shaped, rigid, leathery and sharp pointed. The flowers are fragrant, white or purple, and pendant, in dense, pyramidal spires. Plant Yucca in full sun and sandy, well-drained soil. Yuccas are on the preservation of lists of some states.

Yucca filamentosa (fil-am-en-toh-suh), Adam’s Needle, are native to southeastern states, but in spite of its tropical appearance, the species is hardy to zone 5, where it thrives and multiples, putting down deep roots. Sprays of creamy white, cup shaped, fragrant flowers, 2 inches across on tall, strong, woody, deciduous stems 4 to 6 feet tall. Each year, new stems rise from the center of the sharp pointed clumps. Evergreen leaves, 15 inches long and 1 inch across, with shaggy threads along the edges. The leaves are not as rigid as in some of the other species. Decorative among shrubs and in large perennial borders, Yucca filamentosa is very drought tolerant.

  • Yucca f Excalibur 25 BR Plants

    Yucca f. 'Excalibur' (25) BR Plants

    Yucca f. 'Excalibur' (25) BR Plants Improvement over the straight species; much more uniform, compact habitForms a spiky, rounded clump of sword-like, evergreen, blue-green to glaucous grey-green leavesLeaves are lined with an inordinate number of curly...

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