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Pratia (prat-ee-uh) Campanulaceae Family; is native to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Pratia grows best in moist, fertile, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Preferring consistent moisture, Pratia tolerates boggy conditions and foot traffic. In optimum conditions, its creeping stems, which root as they touch soil, can spread aggressively. 

  • Pratia pedunculata 'County Park'
Pratia 'County Park' offers a carpet like form of tiny flat green leaves with starry bright blue flowers from spring to fall.  Hardy from zone 6-9.

    Pratia pedunculata 'County Park' (10)ct Flat

    Pratia pedunculata 'County Park' Zones 6 to 9. Full sun to part shade to full shade. Plants reach 1 to 2 inches tall and 6 to 12 inches wide; creeping perennial ground cover. Growth rate: vigorous, spreads via runners just under the soil. Evergreen to...

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