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Lamium (lay-mee-um), spotted deadnettle, deadnettle; Lamiaceae Family. Lamium originated in Europe and a popular ground cover. Leaves are opposite, the stem square. Lamium thrives in partial shade, and is easily propagated by division. Prominent "hooded" upper petals and "lipped" lower petals are characteristic of the Mint family.

Grows best in moist, well-drained organic soils. Fairly tolerant of heavy clay soils and dry shade once established. Trim or mow back in late winter to stimulate new growth. In spring or early fall, divide clumps and transplant new plants (stem nodes that have rooted).

Tough, low maintenance, sometimes invasive, showy perennial groundcover will brighten up any shady spot and smother any weeds.

Use in containers, as ground cover or bed edging plant. Effective for any shade or woodland garden planting.

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