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Anemone (an-nem-on-ee) or Windflowers are in the Buttercup Family. A large genus of perennials, many of them are rhizomatous or tuberous rooted. Some are among our loveliest and most delicate native spring flowers. Others, native in Europe or Asia, bloom in summer and autumn. 

All grow best in loose, rich, sandy loam soils and part shade. It will tolerate more sun, if ample moisture is available. In warmer zones, they need protection from the hot, midday sun; dappled shade is ideal. Dry or excessively wet soil and windy conditions are detrimental. After blooms, shear it back to the basal foliage to stimulate additional blooms. Provide a heavy mulch in the fall the first two seasons to prevent frost heaving.

Attributes: border plants, cut flower, edging and groundcover. Deer and rabbit resistant.