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Tips for Garden, Intersectional, and Tree Peonies

Peonies are one of the longest-lived perennials, often surviving for 50 or more years. Their large, showy blossoms are the highlight of the garden in late spring and they also make excellent cut flowers.

Here is a guide on how to grow these beautiful flowers:

Garden Culture:

  • Planting:
    • Choose a permanent location that receives full sun or partial shade. Avoid areas with competition from large tree roots.
    • The soil should be rich, well-drained, and neutral.
    • Plant peonies at the proper depth:
      • Intersectional: 1½ - 2 inches below soil level with the eyes potentially showing a bit above the soil.
      • Garden: Eyes on the root should be 1½ -2 inches below soil level.
      • Tree (grafted): Graft union 4-6 inches below soil level. Very little of the woody stem may show above ground.
    • Newly planted peonies will focus on establishing themselves in the first year and may not produce many flowers. The bud count should increase each year thereafter.
    • Avoid cutting plants all the way back in the fall, especially for tree peonies. The lower part of the stem often carries next year's buds.

Here are some specific care tips for each type of peony:

  • Intersectional Peonies:
    • Prefer the same care as garden and tree peonies.
    • They flower best in full sun but the blooms last longer in part shade.
  • Garden Peonies:
    • Once established, their substantial root system makes them drought tolerant.
    • Afternoon sun and harsh winds can shorten the lifespan of the flowers, so consider planting in locations with protection from these elements.
  • Tree Peonies:
    • Allow plenty of space between plantings as they can grow quite large.
    • Do not cut down tree peonies in the fall since the woody stems carry next year's flower buds.
    • Peony Planting Depth

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