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Galium (gay-lee-um) odoratumis easily grown in average, medium to wet, well-drained soils, preferring a slightly acidic ph. Spreads by both creeping roots and self-seeding. Plants can be controlled by mowing with a rotary mower on a high setting. Plants may go dormant in mid-summer in dry, sunny locations. Tiny, dainty, wheel-shaped flowers in attractive clusters add a gossamer effect to bouquets.

Use Galium to edge pathways, as a shrub under planting, to hide dying bulb foliage, or in naturalized areas. Aromatic intensity of the foliage increases when dried. Leaves are sometimes used to flavor teas, cold fruit drinks and to make May wine. Attributes: Border plants, Container, Edging, Dried flower, Edging, Fragrant flowers, Ground cover, Mass Planting. Easy to grow. Deer resistant.

  • Galium odoratum 30ct Flat

    Galium odoratum (30)ct Flat

    Galium odoratum (30)ct Flat Common Name: Sweet Woodruff. A vigorous ground cover for partially shaded, moist areas with slightly acidic soil. Tiny, white, star-shaped flowers appear in late spring above a carpet of green foliage. The bright green...

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