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Schizachyrium (ski-za-kry-ee-um)  little bluestem, beard grass. Schizachyrium is a North American prairie grass making it terrific in a border or meadow setting. It needs full sun and is tolerant of heat and humidity. Schizachyrium can grow in either acidic or alkaline soils, and can tolerate a range of moisture conditions including average to extremely dry. It does not need to be fertilized. It's a good idea to cut this back to ground level in late fall in order to have a sturdier plant the coming year.

This extremely drought-tolerant grass, 3 to 3 1/2-feet tall with fine foliage that tints many roadsides purple-blue in late summer, is becoming ever more popular in gardens. Schizachyrium is a great choice if you are looking to restore an eroded site, or for a plant that will grow in hot, dry areas where other plants have a hard time surviving.

Attributes: Border plants, Drought Tolerant, Erosion control, Mass planting, Deer resistant.