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Lantana (lan-tay-nuh); Verbenaceae Family. Tender, perennial shrubs from the tropics and subtropics, have pretty clusters of small tubular flowers, hairy stems and crinkled opposite leaves.

Lantana is extremely easy to grow and a butterfly and hummingbird favorite. Lantana thrives in hot weather and blooms profusely until frost. Perennial in zones 8 to 11, a few cultivars are reliably perennial in zones 7 and 8. Plant in the ground or in containers, at least 2 weeks after any frost danger. After winter dormancy, new growth typically does not reemerge until mid spring.

Growth rate is usually rapid to extremely vigorous. Some cultivars are bushy mounds that could reach 5 to 6 feet tall; others might be 1 foot tall and 4 feet wide, or more compact.

Tolerant of all well drained soil and salt, low water requirements make lantana perfect for xeriscapes, containers and hanging baskets. Utilize in annual or perennial, full sun flowerbeds or containers.

Use as a groundcover in mass plantings and banks, or even as a hedge. A very versatile plant, it is a butterfly and hummingbird magnet, plus deer and rabbit resistant. Plant in the spring and water as needed during the first growing season, thereafter it is considered heat and drought tolerant.

L. camara (kam-mar-uh) typically grows 1 to 4 feet tall, has leaves 2 to 6 inches long and flower clusters 1 to 2 inches across.
L. montevidensis (mon-tev-id-den-sis),a trailing lantana from South America with small 1 inch long leaves on pendant stems.

  • Lantana 'New Gold'

    Lantana 'New Gold' (3.5 inch pot)

    Lantana x. 'New Gold' Zones (7) 9 to 11, Full Sun. Mature size can reach 12 to 15 inches tall and 2 feet wide ;sub shrub-like growth habit. Dense clusters of brilliant golden yellow flowers. Numerous, 1 to 1-1/2 inch flower blossoms cover dark green...

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