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Armeria (arm-meer-ee-uh); Thrift, Plumbago Family (Plumbaginaceae). These sturdy low perennials (mostly fom northern Eurpoe) form small, neat tufts of evergreen foliage and bear attractive, globe shaped, small flowers.

Easy to grow, Thrift thrives in full sun and loamy or sandy soils that are well-drained, especially in the winter. Foliage and roots tend to rot if grown in moist, fertile soils or in heavy clay. Armeria prefer cool temperatures and low humidity. Where summers are hot and humid, it should be grown in part shade.

A. maritima (mar-rit-im-uh) Sea-Pink, the most familiar species, is a small plant rarely over 12 inches tall. Narrow, evergreen leaves form tight rosettes. The small, dense, cloverlike heads are borne on slim, wiry stems and bloom profusely from May to June. As its common name implies, this species fllourishes on the seacoast.

Sea Pinks are found naturally along coastlines where few other plants can handle the high salt concentration. Inland, this attribute makes them useful for planting along sidewalks or driveways that are salted in winter. They are also good candidates for rock gardens, troughs, or between pavers.

Excellent as a border plant, in containers or for cut and dried flowers, in mass plantings, Drought and Salt Tolerant.

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