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Deer Resistant

Deer will sample almost anything, especially in the spring and late fall. Plants can only be considered deer resistant, not deer proof. Deer rely on their sense of smell to determine what to eat, and will always investigate freshly dug dirt. A wide variety of strong odors, especially with any new plantings, might confuse deer enough to cause them to leave your area to investigate the neighbors. We make no guarantees about what deer may eat, except that tomorrow it may be different (deer do not read lists, but for additional information, click on Rutgers Agricultural Experiment and UGA Department of Horticulture).

Deer generally do not like the follow varieties:

Achillea | Acorus | Ajuga | Ardisia | Aquileqia | Aster | Astilbe | Baptisia | Brunnera | Butterfly Bushes | Calamagrostis | Campanula | Carex | CeratostigmaCoreopsis | Delosperma | Delphinium | Dianthus | Dicentra | Echinacea | Euonymus | Euphorbia | Ferns | Gaillardia | Geranium | Hakonechloa |Helleborus | Heuchera and Heucherella | Hibiscus | HypericumIris | Lamiastrum | Lamium | Lantana | Lavender | Leucanthemum |Miscanthus | Monarda | Muehlenbeckia | NepetaOphiopogon | Panicum | Papaver | Pennisetum | Peonies | Phlox | Platycodon | Rudeckia | Salvia | SantolinaSchizachyrium | Sedum | Stokesia | Thymus | TrachelospermumVeronica | Vinca

  • Aquilegia KIRIGAMI Rose and Pink 30ct Flat Aquilegia KIRIGAMI Rose and Pink 30ct Flat

    Aquilegia KIRIGAMI Rose & Pink (30)ct Flat

    Aquilegia caerulea KIRIGAMI™ Rose & Pink (30)ct FlatKIRIGAMI™ SeriesCommon Name: Columbine A big hit during the 2018 California Spring Trials. We have tested this series and can confirm that they are first year flowering, upright stems,...

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  • Artemisia Powis Castle Artemisia Powis Castle

    Artemisia 'Powis Castle' (4) 1-gallons

    Artemisia 'Powis Castle' (4) 1-gallons Common Name: wormwood Zones 6 to 9. Full sun. Plants reach to 24 to 36 inches tall and to 12 to 24 inches wide;semi-evergreen, woody-based perennial or subshrub. Growth rate: Moderate. 'Powis Castle' typically...

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  • Artemisia Silver Bullet 10ct Quarts

    Artemisia 'Silver Bullet' (10)ct Quarts

    Artemisia 'Silver Bullet' (10)ct Quarts Common Name: wormwood Silver Bullet's vigorous, beautiful silver foliage is drought/heat tolerant and requires very little maintenance. 6-10 inches tall and spreads 12-30 inches at maturityZones 5-9Full...

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  • Artemisia 'Silver Lining' PPAF (20)ct Flat Artemisia 'Silver Lining' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Artemisia 'Silver Lining' PPAF (20)ct Flat

    Artemisia 'Silver Lining' PPAF - Proven Winners®(20)ct Flat Common Name: White Sagebrush, ArtemisiaA hybrid of native North American species including Artemisia ludoviciana. 'Silver Lining' finds the best in its parentage as a spectacular, durable...

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  • Aruncus Chantilly Lace PPAF 20ct Flat Aruncus Chantilly Lace PPAF 20ct Flat

    Aruncus 'Chantilly Lace' PP30740 (30)ct Flat

    Aruncus 'Chantilly Lace' PP30740 CPBR6259 (30)ct FlatCommon Name: Goat's Beard 'Chantilly Lace' will be shorter if grown in full sun, closer to 24" tall, than if grown in shade or a sun-filtered area, where it will grow to a height of 30-32". With the...

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  • Aruncus 'Chantilly Lace' PP30740 (4) 1-gallons Aruncus 'Chantilly Lace' PP30740 (4) 1-gallons

    Aruncus 'Chantilly Lace' PP30740 (4) 1-gallons

    Aruncus 'Chantilly Lace' PP30740 (4) 1-gallons Common Name: Goat's Beard-Dwarf; DECADENCE® DELUXE Series Common Name: False IndigoIn late spring to early summer, soft yellow flowers age to dusty raspberry purple, and both colors appear on...

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  • Aruncus Fairy Hair PP30242 20ct Flat

    Aruncus 'Fairy Hair' PP30242 (30)ct Flat

    Aruncus 'Fairy Hair' PP30242 (30)ct FlatCommon Name: Goat's Beard This new Goatsbeard is an appropriate size for tucking into places in your shade garden. 'Fairy Hair' produces sprays of creamy, triangular flower plumes that age to a darker color. Its...

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  • Aruncus 'Goatee' PPAF (30)ct Flat Aruncus 'Goatee' PPAF (30)ct Flat

    Aruncus 'Goatee' PPAF (30)ct Flat

    Aruncus 'Goatee' PPAF (30)ct FlatCommon Name: Goat's Beard This finely textured Aruncus hybrid is flower powered! Extremely floriferous for a Goat's Beard, 'Goatee' springs to life with clouds of dense cream flower panicles in early summer. Dissected...

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  • Aruncus Misty Lace PP15798 Aruncus Misty Lace PP15798

    Aruncus 'Misty Lace' PP15798 (30)ct Flat

    Aruncus 'Misty Lace' PP15798 (30)ct FlatCommon Name: Goat's Beard Misty Lace' is the perfect size Goat's Beard - intermediate in height between its parents, A. aesthusifolius and A. dioicus. This seedling was selected by Dr. Allan Armitage of the...

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  • Aruncus dioicus 30ct Flat Aruncus dioicus 30ct Flat

    Aruncus dioicus (30)ct Flat

    Aruncus dioicus (30)ct Flat Common Name: Goat's Beard An outstanding specimen plant for the partially shaded garden, with dark green foliage and plume-like spikes of tiny, cream-colored flowers rise well above the foliage in early to mid-summer...

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