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Salt Tolerant Plants

Highly salt tolerant:

 Aquilegia (Columbine), Armeria (Sea Thrift), Calamagrostis (Feather Reed Grass), Cortaderia selloana (Pampas Grass), Cyrtomium falcatum (Holly Fern), Dianthus (Pinks), Echeveria rosea (Desert Rose), Erianthus ravennae (Ravenna or Plume Grass), Eryngium planum (Sea Holly), Ficus pumila (Creeping Fig), Gaillardia (Blanket Flower), Hedera canariensis (Algerian Ivy), Hedera helix (English Ivy), Helictotrichon sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass), Hemerocallis (Daylilies), Lantana, Liriope spicata (Lilyturf), Lotus corniculatus (Bird's foot trefoil), Miscanthus (Maiden Grass), Ophiopogon japonicas (Mondo), Panicum virgatum (Upright Switch Grass), Schizachyrium (Little Blue Stem Grass), and Trachelospermum asiaticum (Asiatic Jasmine).

Moderately Salt Tolerant:

Achillea (Yarrow), Anthemis (Perennial Marguerite), Artemisia schmidtiana (Silver mound), Aster (Michael-Daisy), Bergenia cordifolia ('Winterglut'), Echinops (Globe Thistle), Erigeron (Fleabane), Euphorbia (Spurge), Festuca (Blue Fescue grass), Gypsophila paniculata (Baby's Breath), Helleborus (Lenten Rose), Heuchera (Coral Bells), Hosta (Plantation Lily), Iris (Bearded Iris), Kniphofia hirsuta (Red Hot Poker), Lupinus (Lupine), Oenothera (Sundrops & Evening Primrose), Penstemon (Beard Tongue), Perovskia (Russian Sage), Phlox (Thrift), Sedum (Sedum), Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks), Stachys (Lamb’s Ear), Thymus (Creeping thyme), Veronica (Speedwell), and Yucca (Adam's Needle).

  • Achillea millefolium Paprika 3.5 inch pot

    Achillea millefolium 'Paprika' (3.5 inch pot)

    Achillea millefolium 'Paprika' (3.5-inch pot) Common name: Yarrow. Height: 18-24 InchesSpread: 18-24 InchesHardiness Zone: 3-9Full SunEvergreenRusty red blooms fading to white - SummerSoft fern-like foliageTolerates drought, heat and humidityModerately...

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  • Aquilegia KIRIGAMI Mix 30ct Flat

    Aquilegia KIRIGAMI Mix (30)ct Flat

    Aquilegia caerulea KIRIGAMI™ Mix (30)ct FlatKIRIGAMI™ SeriesCommon Name: Columbine A big hit during the 2018 California Spring Trials. We have tested this series and can confirm that they are first year flowering, upright stems, and...

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  • Aquilegia x'Earlybird Mix' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Mix' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Mix' (10)ct Quarts Common Name: Columbine This mixture, from the Earlybird™ series, was bred for vibrant colors, neatly mounded habit and unusual color combinations. Single colors and may include doubles like purple white,...

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  • Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts

    Aquilegia x'Earlybird Red Yellow' (10)ct Quarts Common Name: ColumbineLarge, beautiful flowers have deep red spurred petals that encircle a layer of yellow inner petals.These showy flowers are surrounded by delicate, fern-like green foliage. Hardiness...

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  • Artemisia Powis Castle Artemisia Powis Castle

    Artemisia 'Powis Castle' (4) 1-gallons

    Artemisia 'Powis Castle' (4) 1-gallons Common Name: wormwood Zones 6 to 9. Full sun. Plants reach to 24 to 36 inches tall and to 12 to 24 inches wide;semi-evergreen, woody-based perennial or subshrub. Growth rate: Moderate. 'Powis Castle' typically...

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  • Artemisia Silver Bullet 10ct Quarts

    Artemisia 'Silver Bullet' (10)ct Quarts

    Artemisia 'Silver Bullet' (10)ct Quarts Common Name: wormwood Silver Bullet's vigorous, beautiful silver foliage is drought/heat tolerant and requires very little maintenance. 6-10 inches tall and spreads 12-30 inches at maturityZones 5-9Full...

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