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Low-Light Highlight

Low-Light Highlight

16th Feb 2021

Carex  “Pennsylvania sedge”Faced with challenging sites, designers, landscapers and homeowners often call in a specialist: Pennsylvan

A graceful blue star

1st Feb 2021

Amsonia hubrichtii languished in semi-obscurity for years, until forward-thinking designers recognized its value. Emerging in spring with lo

A Peek into Soils Class

25th Jan 2021

Healthy soil is essential to our existence and understanding how to care for it is arguably one of the most important parts of gardening! Af


Posted by Bloomin Designs Nursery on 28th Dec 2020

Water lovers, the plants that don’t mind wet feet.Grass-like sedges and rushes are frequent choices for high-moisture sites -- higher than m

Lavender Success

17th Dec 2020

3 Tips for Success with Lavandula aka LavenderThis long time garden favorite can be tricky to grow! Keep these three things in mind whe