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Posted by Bloomin Designs Nursery on Apr 19, 2022

For years we’ve griped about the industry’s relentless push to make plants smaller. Finally, someone pushed back. Renowned breeder Hans Hansen selected his Sassy Summer series for several desirable traits: Big flowers, and lots of them; attractive silvery foliage with a dense, upright habit; and, drum roll please, sturdy stems that stand up to wind and rain. Mind you, these are nicely-proportioned plants, not skinny skyscrapers. Sassy Summer varieties hoist cheerful flowers up to three feet over silvery green foliage. Flat-topped umbels are perfect landing pads for pollinators. Hardy in Zones 3 – 8. 

Choose from: 

Achillea 'Sassy Summer Silver' PP31754 Bright yellow flowers. Height 36-30"

‘Sassy Summer Lemon’ PP31693 Bright sunny yellow. Height 28-32” ‘

Sassy Summer Sangria’ PP31355 Deep red florets with white eyes. 28 – 32” 

‘Sassy Summer Sunset’ PP31412 Dark orange blooms mature to pale yellow. 30-36”

‘Sassy Summer Taffy’ PP31755 Dark salmon heads age to peachy pink. 26 - 32”

They’re all excellent choices for the sunny border or large containers. And those sturdy stems mean they’re a great candidate for cut flower use, fresh or dried. 

Achillea is named for Achilles, mythical hero of the Trojan war and the main character in Homer’s Iliad. The foliage has traditional medicinal uses.