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Sold Out: Yes, we know.

Sold Out: Yes, we know.

15th Mar 2021

Yes, we know some plants are not available now. Our availability is getting a little sparse for this time of year. Many crops are not available until later in 2021 or even next year. We thought a little Q&A was in order.

Why do plants sell out?

Many customers rolled over last year’s orders or booked their orders back in 2020. Last year, more bookings for 2021 came in than ever before. On top of that, demand in 2021 is high. Most sold-out crops right now are due to demand.

Several crops are produced only in the spring or at certain times of the year because of their propagation or growing requirements. Some cool-season plants must be shipped early enough to avoid summer heat, so they are not available later in the season. Some have a long production cycle, so we are limited in how many rounds we can fit in the production schedule. For most of these crops, once they are gone, they will not be available again until the following year or next seasonal production round.

Crop issues. When you grow live plants, there are many factors beyond your control. Weather, the supply chain, pest pressure, and other factors can affect production schedules and ready dates.

What are my options if a plant I want is sold out?

Our team can often suggest a substitute that is in stock or available sooner.

There is often a crop available later in the growing season.


Order early. The earlier you book plants, the more likely you are to get them. We book orders one (and even two) years ahead. Ordering early ensures we include your needs in our production schedule and gives you priority. When demand is high, we may max out our production and shipping capacity. This season early bookings sold out entire crops.

The good news, we are striving to grow more of the plants you want, when you want them. We appreciate your patience and business!