Don't just cover the ground - color it!

Don't just cover the ground - color it!

3rd Jan 2021

We fell in love with this fun, interwoven combination of Black Scallop ajuga and yellow creeping Jenny. They're both super easy-growing plants that look amazing together!

You could grow this colorful combo in sun to part shade, in small areas or in large ones. Plus, you get the added bonus of spring flowers on the ajuga and summer blooms on the creeping Jenny.


To get this look, buy equal numbers of Black Scallop ajuga and yellow creeping Jenny, and plant them in a close checkerboard pattern. If you're stretching your budget, you could get away with a few less creeping Jenny than ajuga. Either way, you'll get a fast fill and instant color you can start enjoying right away.

Creeping Jenny

Neat little round leaves and bright, saturated color make this vigorous ground cover a favorite for garden beds as well as containers. It's a nice choice for appealing texture as well as color, and it's super durable: sun tolerant, shade tolerant, deer resistant. Reign in its notorious vigor by keeping it on the drier side.

Black Scallop ajuga

This popular ground cover gets its name from its deep purple-red new growth. In spring, it's covered in bright blue trumpet-shaped flowers. Once it is established, it creates new rosettes that keep out weeds and create a lush carpet. Both creeping Jenny and ajuga can take light foot traffic.