What Do You Get When You Cross…

What Do You Get When You Cross…

Posted by Bloomin Designs Nursery on 17th Jan 2022


A Heuchera with a Tiarella?

Those two North American native genera pulled off a trick that’s pretty rare in the plant kingdom.

Heuchera (Coral bells) and Tiarella (Foamflower) crossed to form the intergeneric hybrid xHeucherella. The first known example was the work of matchmaking French breeder Emile Lemoine in 1912.

There’s nothing unusual about species within the same genus getting together to form new hybrids. With or without human intervention, it happens all the time. But crossing the genus line within a family is quite unusual. The result here: a striking new genus blending the best traits of each parent.

In modern times, the most striking breeding has come from Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon. We offer only their introductions.

All are hardy in Zones 4 – 9.

The only downside in this case of strange bedmates: The lovely offspring is known by an odd mishmash nickname. Coral bells conjures up an image of pink, bell-shaped blooms, and Foamflower accurately evokes frothy panicles. But … what the heck are “foamy bells?” 70's blue jeans in the wash? Let’s stick to the Latin.