Lavender Success

17th Dec 2020


3 Tips for Success with Lavandula aka Lavender

This long time garden favorite can be tricky to grow! Keep these three things in mind when caring for your lavender and you will have healthy, luscious plants in your garden.


Plant in full sun in soil that drains freely. If you have clay soil, be sure to plant "high" so the top of the plant is above the soil line, this will help keep roots a bit drier. Never add anything to the hole while planting, as this can create a bathtub effect. (Water will pool in the hole instead of easily draining out into the native soil.)


Wait to prune in spring until new growth arrives. Often times growth appears just at the base of the plant. Prune above this healthy green growth. Later in the summer, a light overall prune will encourage vigorous new growth. Be sure to cut into green growth only, as cutting into wood can inhibit healthy performance.


Lavender does not like soggy soil (and will suffer especially during fall, winter, and spring if planted in these conditions). After it is established it will very seldom need supplemental watering as rain often provides adequate moisture. Unsure if it needs water? Check the soil by rolling some into a ball - dry soil will crumble apart, but soil with moisture will stick together. If it crumbles it could use a drink.

Cold weather performance.

'Phenomenal' lavender is regarded as one of the hardiest lavenders out there! For areas with a sharp chill in the air, this is your reliable bloomer.