Grow a waterfall! with Hakonechloa macra

9th Apr 2020

Japanese forest grass is a favorite world-wide. Its unique cascading form and bamboo-like foliage are a welcome, inspired addition to any garden.

But this beauty has a few specific traits to keep in mind for successful finishing and optimum landscape results.

■ It’s worth waiting for: Your “hak mac” isn’t filling out as quickly as your other grasses? You’re not doing something wrong, it’s the nature of the beast. The robust appearance of a large, established stand takes a while.

■ It’s called “forest grass” for a reason: This is not a sun-lover. Dappled shade (50% is a good ballpark number) is ideal for containers or borders.

■ It’s not very hungry or thirsty. Haks are light to moderate feeders. They like to get fairly dry (not to the point of wilting) between waterings. Drip irrigation or ebb-and-flow systems protect against matting and rot better than overhead watering.

■ It’s fun to say! Seriously. With a little practice, “Hack-oh-neck-LOW-uh” will roll smoothly off your tongue. Impress your friends and colleagues!

Mix and match selections. All work beautifully, alone or in combination.