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Parthenocissus quinquefolia - Virginia Creeper


Virginia Creeper is a woody vine that can reach up to 60 feet. It is native to the U.S., and is found growing in moist, shady sites in the Eastern half of the country. A member of the grape family, it produces compound leaves with serrated edges and puts on a display of colorful foliage and berries during the fall.

Parthenocissus quinquefolia is sometimes confused with poison ivy, especially when new growth is forming. However, the plants can be easily distinguished from one another by the five or six leaflets that form on Virginia Creeper, versus the three leaves of poison ivy. Some people describe allergic reactions similar to poison ivy when they come into contact with the plant but there is little scientific evidence of contact dermatitis from Virginia Creeper.

The fruits are edible by squirrels and many species of songbirds, so many wildlife gardeners allow Virginia Creeper to occupy a place in their backyard habitats.
Type of plant: Vines and Climbers

Bloom color: Light Blue, White/Near White

Bloom time of year: Late Spring/Early Summer

Sun requirements: Full Sun, Sun to Partial Shade, Light Shade, Partial to Full Shade

Cold hardiness: Zone 3a to Zone 9b

Height: over 40 ft.

Spacing: 24-48 in.

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