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Old v. New – Benefits of Modern Daylily Hybrids

A Burst of Color and Easy Care for Your Garden

Daylilies reign supreme among perennials, boasting an unmatched combination of vibrant colors, diverse forms, and extended bloom times. Let us explore why they deserve a special place in your garden:

A Color Explosion:

Gone are the days of limited daylily options. Modern hybrids come in a dazzling array, from near-white and pastels to fiery oranges, rich reds, and captivating blends. Even lavenders and purples grace the spectrum, with only pure white and true blue yet to be conquered (but hybridizers are persistent!).

Beyond the Basics:

Modern daylilies aren't just about color. They offer a range of flower sizes, from delicate to impressive, with thicker petals that withstand weather better. You will find blooms with exciting features like ruffles, unique edges, and vibrant patterns.

Long-lasting Beauty:

Unlike their old-fashioned counterparts, modern daylilies often boast higher bud counts, meaning more blooms per stem. Many varieties even rebloom throughout the summer, extending the color show. Additionally, their sturdy scapes hold the flowers gracefully just above the foliage for a more balanced look.

Healthy and Easy-going:

Modern daylilies are champions when it comes to disease resistance. They also have attractive foliage that stays beautiful throughout the season. And the best part? They are incredibly easy to care for, thriving with minimal attention.


We propagate our varieties through division, ensuring true-to-name plants that deliver consistent performance and are rust-free.

Our Picks for Premium Daylilies:

With over eighty daylilies to choose from, we have selected the best based on expert evaluation. These "premium" varieties offer exceptional benefits:

  • Eye-catching blooms: Dazzling colors, superior form, and sunfast pigments for long-lasting beauty.
  • Extended bloom times: The high bud count and reblooming capabilities of many varieties ensure a season-long floral display.
  • Reliable performance: These daylilies thrive even in challenging weather conditions, consistently opening beautiful blooms.
  • Healthy plants: Pest-resistant foliage and vigorous growth keep your plants looking their best all season.
  • Winter hardiness: You can be confident these varieties will survive the cold in northern gardens.

A Showstopping Addition:

One look at a mature clump of a premium daylily is all it takes to see the difference. These complex hybrids deliver a magnificent display in containers or garden beds. Their larger blooms, vibrant colors, and attractive foliage set them miles apart from older varieties.

Find Your Favorite:

With so many stunning options, choosing just one is difficult! Here are a few of our top picks to get you started:

  • Most Striking Color: 'Fooled Me' - Winner of the prestigious Stout Silver Medal, this daylily is a true knockout!
  • Best Rebloomer: 'Apricot Sparkles' PP13223 - Continuous blooms from summer to fall!
  • Largest Flower: 'Alabama Jubilee' - Huge, fragrant, red-orange blossoms measuring seven inches across.
  • Most Unique Color: 'South Seas' - A one-of-a-kind coral-tangerine blend with a reddish coral band.
  • Best Contrasting Eye: 'El Desperado' - A showstopper with a captivating eyezone!

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