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Campsis, commonly known as trumpet creeper or trumpet vine, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to woodlands in China and North America. It consists of two species, both of which are vigorous deciduous perennial climbers, clinging by aerial roots, and producing large trumpet-shaped flowers in the summer. They are reasonably hardy and do well with the support of a wall, preferring full sun.

Campsis radicans - Zone: 4 to 9

Campsis radicans is a dense, vigorous, multi-stemmed, deciduous, woody, clinging vine that attaches itself to structures and climbs by aerial rootlets. Plants can rapidly grow to 30-40' high. Compound, odd-pinnate leaves (to 15” long) are shiny dark green above and glabrous dull green below. Each leaf has 7 to 11 elliptic to oblong leaflets (to 4" long) with serrated margins. Leaves turn yellow in fall. Clusters (terminal cymes) of red trumpet-shaped flowers (to 3” long) appear throughout the summer (June to September). Flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds. Flowers are followed by long, bean-like seed pods (3-5” long) which split open when ripe releasing numerous 2-winged seeds for dispersal by the wind. 

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