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A graceful blue star

1st Feb 2021

Amsonia hubrichtii

Amsonia hubrichtii languished in semi-obscurity for years, until forward-thinking designers recognized its value. Emerging in spring with lovely blue flowers, it soon settles into its role as a bushy foliage plant, with finely divided foliage swaying seductively on 3’ stems in the slightest breeze. Come fall, it takes on a luscious golden hue that sparkles in sunlight.

Amsonia are low maintenance, easy to grow and unbothered by pests or insects. Plants are fairly drought tolerant once established. Adapts to most conditions, it might get leggy in too much shade. Shear back by one third after flowering to maintain a more compact plant. Snap off mature seed pods to prevent over seeding. Optimum effect when planted in mass. From a distance plants have an almost lily-like appearance.

Genus name honors 18th-century Virginian physician Dr. Charles Amson. Specific epithet honors Leslie Hubricht (1908-2005), American biologist who first discovered it growing in the wild in the early 1940s.

Long-lived, graceful, upright plant with clusters of cool blue flowers in May and June. The outstanding golden color of its narrow-leafed foliage in the fall expands its seasonal interest. These virtues earned it Perennial Plant of the Year honors in 2011.