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Trachelospermum (trak-el-oh-sperm-um) Apocynaceae Family. Evergreen woody vines from Asia, with opposite leaves, fragrant, star-like flowers in loose clusters. Trachelospermum asiaticum (ay-zee-at-ik-um) Yellow star jasmine, a climber to 15 feet, with shiny bronze-green leaves, in 2 inch long and yellowish-white fragrant flowers.

Easy-to-grow in any well-drained soil, even in salty locations, but grow best in fertile, loamy soil.

Good low maintenance lawn alternative as it tolerates some foot traffic. Excellent for slopes or low-maintenance cover, especially in areas requiring erosion control. Mow at highest setting in late winter / early spring for fresh foliage.

  • Trachelospermum asiaticum 3.5 inch pot

    Trachelospermum asiaticum (3.5 inch pot)

    Trachelospermum asiaticum a/k/a Asiatic Jasmine, Asian Jasmine, Dwarf Jasmine, Japanese Star Jasmine, Dwarf Confederate jasmine, small leaf Confederate jasmine Zone: 7 to 10. Sun to Shade. Prefers some shade in zone 10. Mature size: 6 to 24 inches tall;...

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