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Sisyrinchium (siss-ihr-rink-ee-um), Blue Eyed Grass; Iridaceae Family. Sisyrinchium are low growing perennial native to America, with grass like leaves in strong clumps, and small but attractive, blue or yellow flowers. Wild flowers often found in wet meadows. Easily grown in ordinary garden soil, most species need steady moisture.

Sisyrinchium angustifolium (an-gus-tif-foh-lee-um) is a hardy, dainty-looking native of the Atlantic states to Virginia and westward. Grows 4 to 12 inches high, with narrow leaves, 10 inches long, surmounted by small clusters of pretty, dark blue flowers, 1/2 inches across, blooming in June. Often used in the rock garden or the wild garden.

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