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Helenium (he-le-niem), sneezeweed, Asteraceae Family. Helenium are native to the North American edges of woods, low meadows, and moist prairies, helenium will thrive in average to rich, moist, well-drained soil; intolerant of dry soils. Avoid over-fertilization which may cause plants to grow too tall.

Thick clusters of daisy-like flowers on sturdy stems rise above dense clumps of lance-shaped, toothed leaves. Helenium produces shades of brown, orange, red, and yellow flowers with dark centers from late summer into fall. Cut back plants in late spring for a sturdy, compact habit and to encourage branching plus more flowers. Deadhead to promote rebloom. Divide every 3 to 4 years to maintain vigor.

Excellent as a border plant, cut flowers, and mass plantings. Helenium are grown commercially as cut flowers because their strong, tall stems are ideal for cutting. Attracts butterflies. 

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