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Hedra (hed-er-ah), Ivy; Araliaceae Family. Hedra is a genus of 12 to 15 species of evergreen climbing or ground-creeping woody plants. Native to western, central and southern Europe, northwestern Africa, central-southern Asia east, Japan and Taiwan. Evergreen, Ivy provides year-round interest as border edgings or foundation groundcovers. Many ivies are fast growing and will quickly fill in bare spots. This makes ivy a good choice as groundcover under trees, where other plants refuse to grow.

Ivy are perhaps the most ornamental of all spreading evergreen groundcover plants. They are ideal for use on slopes, embankments and hillsides or to cover large landscape spaces. Ivy plants are very popular as a groundcover in landscape beds and as an under plant beneath a tree. They are great in pots, planters, window boxes and hanging baskets, where their vines will cascade over the container's edge.

Not all Ivy plants are invasive like the old English Ivy - Hedera helix.

In the right conditions, ivy can be a vigorous grower. Plants should be set about one to two inches deeper than the upper layer of the potting medium, for additional root development. Ivies grow best on sites where the soil is aerated and well drained. Ivy is not tolerant of extreme drought or extended wet soil conditions.

Ivies are used in window boxes, urns and other elevated planters for cascading effect, indoors or outside; as ground covers and are trained on walls, fences, posts and trellises.

  • Hedera helix 'English'

    Hedera helix 'English' (3.5 inch pot)

    Hedera helix 'English' Zones 4 to 10; Sun to filtered sun, and tolerates deep shade. Mature size can reach 12 to 18 inches height. Leaves are dark green with white veins, waxy to leathery, and arranged alternately along the stem. Leaf forms include a 3...

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