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Hedera - Ivy

Ivy thrives over a wide range of conditions; and is an excellent plant choice inside the house and outdoors.

The best known Hedera is English ivy, an evergreen that is often used as a groundcover and trained on walls, fences, posts, trellises, and topiary. Ivy adds line, texture, and color to visually soften structural elements and add pattern to a landscape design. Ivies are also used indoor or outdoor in window boxes, urns and other elevated planters where the vines cascade from the containers.
Modern masonry walls will not suffer any damage from climbing Ivy. The only risk of crumbling occurs with old walls built using lime and cement mortar.

While tolerant to a wide range of light conditions, in warmer zones, planting ivies in partial to full shaded provides the best results, as it reduces possible heat stress. The vine can be bent down and covered with soil to encourage additional root development. Water thoroughly, but infrequently.

Use a modest amount of fertilizer, high in nitrogen, for good green growth. Indoors, feed actively growing ivies monthly with any foliage houseplant fertilizer, according to the manufacturer's directions. Do not use fertilizer when plants stop growing due to heat of summer, or when temperatures are cool.